Our team is very dedicated, they jump into situations which are impossible, but thru collaboration and teamwork we get the job done.

Customer care and excellent service remains our area of prime concern. Our core knitted team of professionally experienced agents offers you guidance and advice on travel plans and suggests suitable options.

At “Discounted Fares Inc…”we offer negotiated airfares and contracts with several major airlines that give us a cutting edge to stay ahead of the competition. Customized services tailored to meet your group requirements in the time schedule and within budgetary constraints distinguish our services from the competitors. With established repute and credibility in the travel world, we find the best connections at competitive prices for our customers within the North American continent and across the seas. The foundation of our continued growth rests on our commitment to provide best travel value and outstanding customer service.


Discounted Fares Inc
2207 W. Parmer Ln,
Austin , Texas
United States - 78727.
Office : (512) 834-6094
Cell : (512) 917-4080
Fax : (512) 834-2234

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